You have been in Italy too long when…

You keep honking at the traffic, not at anyone in particular, just to keep the flow moving and you have become an expert in parking your car in the narrowest space and driving while talking on the phone and having a conversation with other passengers at the same time. And finally you do not hesitate to overtake a car blocking the street through the pavement/sidewalk.

You can convey all your feelings with a single “maa…” or “boh” and you can have a conversation with a stranger comprised entirely of facial expressions, hand gestures and no words.

You refuse to go out if it is raining, even a bit and wear a scarf whenever it’s not over 25C and you can’t imagine not wearing black sunglasses most of the year.

You consider accepting the dinner invitation at the house of someone you just met. And you can’t having lunch before 1 pm.

You don’t raise an eyebrow when you are asked to apply for your application at a government office.

3 Replies to “You have been in Italy too long when…”

  1. Hi Charlotte!
    My name is Anette and I’ve just been reading your blog with fascination and a bit sadness, mostly fascination of course 😉
    Anyway, is there a possibility for us to make some form of contact with eachother through e-mail? I have some questions for you.

    1. Hi Anette,

      Of course you can contact me on:

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  2. I meant possibility of course, not möjligheten 🙂

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