The simple life…

Our culture has been whispering to us since we could listen: more is better. Be more, do more, have more. It’s not a need, it’s a want. More. More. More…

When we look at it written out like that, we all know it’s wrong. You don’t need more. You are enough. Having more stuff, more business, more power and prestige: these do not increase your worth as a human being.

Designing a simple life doesn’t just mean throwing out all the things. It’s not about a life of most, it’s not about a life of least, it’s about the life that’s right for you. Designing a simple life means having fewer distractions in your life, so you can focus on what matters. It’s about saying no to everything that gets in the way and saying yes to what’s right for you.

Many people long for a simple life away from all the chaos that seems self-inflicted. The first step to embracing this new form of lifestyle is to understand what simplicity means to you and then live by that definition.

If we have a look at the Italian people, we will maybe see the link to living a simple life:

To live in the present simplify our life

The Italian people live their lives as the thought of a child, not wondering about tomorrow! They live in the moment not in the future and it’s often quite difficult to make plans with them just one week ahead. They don’t have a strict time schedule and the easy-going culture gives them more time to focus on what matters for them. In addition to that they get more positive energy, more space to surround themselves with people they love and more peace of mind. It means having less of others: less distractions, less frustration, less clutter and less drain on their resources.

Trust and respect gives us more peace of mind

If we take a look at a typical Italian school, there’s a respect and trust to the teachers knowing that they’re doing their utmost, as a result, the parents do not interfere with their work. In this perspective the interaction with the school is less as the trust and respect is big and the time spending on the children’s school as a parent is minimized. More peace of mind, less frustration.

When you reach for the big stars you sometimes forget the small ones

The activities and social gathering here in Italy are often very “down to earth” which among others show in their way to celebrate a birthday party. At a child’s birthday you will not go to a fancy place, you will not do something extraordinary or arrange someone to entertain the children. Often it’s just playing in the garden, eating some pizza and have some lemonade and that’s it. The birthday cake here in the northern Italy is a bread-cake formed like the age of the birthday child with Nutella! No mum spending hours in the kitchen preparing the perfect birthday cake for her lovely child. Here the love of the parents to their children isn’t measured in the material things but in their presence.

Simplicity is the key in the Italian kitchen

Even in the Italian food you see the simplicity. Simplicity is delicious here in Italy. If you want to cook like an Italian – then start with the best seasonal ingredients you can find, and do as little as possible to them. That’s the keyword in the Italian food.

So the simple and present things are sometimes more useful than the highfalutin and complicated ones!

Or like Steve Jobs once said: Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

This is of course my subjective observations of the Italian people and nothing gives me the right saying that a simple life is more preferable than a complicated life… It’s not so simple… – or is it !?

“Happiness isn’t a goal you reach at the end of the road but it’s the way living your life”.




2 Replies to “The simple life…”

  1. Jesper Pullich siger: Svar

    Hej Charlotte

    Vi er en familie på 2 voksne og 3 børn der går lidt med drømmen om af bosætte os i italien, vi ikke for hvor længe endnu, min hustru er uddannet i køkken og laver pt. mad på plejehjem, jeg er uddannet bådebygger og snedker, vi havde lidt en drøm om at leje en bygning til et B&B, men jeg skulle nok laver noget alm. arbejde ,, evt. slå mig ned på renovering af både, vi har gennem flere år være i peschiera del garda og syntes rigtig godt om det område, og tror også der vil være mulighed for at lave bådebygger arbejde der, MEN ,, hvordan kommer vi videre fra drøm til virkelighed ,,,

    Jesper & Maya Pullich

    Håbe du/i evt kan hjælpe med gode ideer og evt. erfaring ,, kan læse rigtig meget på din Blogg som jeg syntes er skide god ,,

    1. Hej Jesper og Maya,
      Det lyder da som en fantastisk ide og tak for de pæne ord. Det er dog et svært spørgsmål for mig at svare på, da jeg ikke har erfaring hverken med bådebyggeri eller B&B eller viden om det beskrevne område i Italien. Min livsfilosofi er dog, at man skal forfølge sine drømme … Så hvis I drømmer om at bosætte jer i Italien, så undersøg området nærmere. Gå på google. Søg i grupperne på facebook under: “Danskere i Italien” og “expats in Italy” og kast spørgsmålene videre dér. Måske nogle kender nogle, der kender nogle osv.

      Held & lykke med at realisere jeres drøm.

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