Bleeding in silence…

Some days are more meaningful than others… and sometimes you need to speak out – not in danish – but in english because of the importance of a project.

And here is the project which I have the pleasure of being af part of last Friday.

The name of the project is: Very shortly Days for Girls was founded in 2008 by Celeste Mergens after working in a Kenyan orphanage and noticing that the girls weren’t educated about their menstrual cycles nor equipped to deal with it (no feminine hygiene products available to them).

This feminine hygiene program’s motto is: Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. Their vision is for every girl and woman in the world to have feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene and the health education by the year 2022.

Days for Girls volunteers produce reusable menstrual cycle kits. The program has already sent kits to over 60.000 girls in over 60 countries worldwide. These kits (as you can see on the pictures) last approximately three years and have literally changed the lives of many girls and young women who before had to skip school and/or work due to their menstrual cycles. This in turn has resulted in lower school drop-out rates in many areas as well as a lot less lost income for days missed at work.

Days for Girls is also very active in helping set up local sewing cooperatives and teaching the local women how to make the kit components themselves.

And here I was. Sitting in this room with 10 other women enjoying the work of importance knowing that the cotton I was cutting will spread happiness into a girl or a young woman’s life.

Which of course made me think about my luxurious life compared with their lives were they isolate themselves hiding that they have their period.

Normally they don’t wear any kind of hygiene products which means that they just bleed on the ground. They can’t talk with anyone about their period as it’s a taboo. They can´t go to school or work or socialize with other people. They can just wait while they are bleeding… Just think about it!







So bless the women which are helping other women and girls… and here in my hood thanks to a wonderful women: Jillian Crocker who is the driveforce behind this projekt in Varese.







If you are interested in becoming involved or donating supplies, you can contact


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