Lago di Monate – The purest lake in Italy

Lago di Monate is a lovely lake which is only 3 km long and 1 km wide. It’s located just east of Lago di Maggiore and it’s s set among meadows and forests.

Lago di Monate offers a range of ideal spots for weekend leisure and cool summer bathing. Its waters are considered among the purest of all lakes in Italy and around this lake arise only housing developments and there have never been industries that have taken advantage of its waters, which is why the lake has always been clean.

Almost the entire area that surrounds the lake is privately owned, which is why most of the beaches can only be accessed privately. However as a turist you have the opportunity to enter the lake area by visiting a private club called: Il Larice Club, which is located in Cadrezzate and is open to the public every day of the week (even though you aren’t a member of the club).

When I came here for the first time, I remember my friend saying: “The place is nice – but never come in the weekends. Too many people”.

Got it! 🙂

But now I’m here on a sunny Sunday and it strikes me immediately, why this place is such a popular place among the locals … The place is small – I admit – (not just because of the amount of people but also in circumference) but even though it’s small, the club has made sure that everyone’s needs can be fulfilled.


If you have small children, there is a playground with a roller coaster and a sand box, mattresses to use in the water and pedal boats to rent for 12 euro an hour.


For sports enthusiasts and young people there are numerous multi-purpose playgrounds for playing football, ping pong and beach volleyball.


If you are the type of person, who likes to bring your own food to the lake, then there is a place for picnic with benches, tables and a grill.


And if you are interested in fish, the lake’s fish population comprises valuable species like pike, perch and black bass and over the lake’s surface you will see swans, ducks etc. (I even tried in the water to hand-fed the ducks).

If you think you can’t go to the lake without bringing your dog with you, then good news, even dogs are allowed in their dedicated areas.

And then there is a restaurant, showers, toilettes etc. etc. Every spot in this place has a purpose and I must admit, that this is definitely not the last time I’m going to visit this place – Il Larice Club located at Lago di Monate … – but probably not in the weekend 🙂




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