How to start doing exercises…

Having a blog without mentioning my passion number one; SPORT – is unfair. My sports CV is long, as I have been doing all kind of sports for many years. Recently I have also been giving lectures in how to exercise.

So with this short introduction, I would like to start blogging about how to start exercising in generel and how to keep up the good spirit in doing so.

Remember: You don’t find the time to exercise, you make the time to exercise. And now lets start!

5 Tips to get you up from the sofa and start exercising… BUT before you start, consider these points:

Start slowly

Whatever you decide to do, it is important to start slowly and take one step at a time. By doing so there is a higher probability that you will succeed and for a very simple reason: it is easier to overcome small steps.

Incorporate exercise into your everyday life

Look at your everyday life and how you can incorporate exercise into it. Remember that everything counts – cleaning, biking, walking the dog, taking the stairs, doing exercises with an elastic fitness band, park your car or get off the bus before your destination and walk the last bit etc. Remember that you need exercise 30 min. per day!

Choose something that you enjoy doing

Choose something that you can cope with and enjoy doing. It could be dancing, yoga, rowing, running, Zumba or just walking. Decide if you prefer doing it alone (maybe in your house) or with someone (friends/colleagues/neighbors). For some people, it is easier to exercise with others because they feel “a stronger commitment” rather than doing it alone. And finally, decide if you like exercising indoors or outdoors.

Make sure that you have all the stuff you need for the exercise type

Check if you have all the things you need for the exercise type, like suitable clothes and shoes or if you need equipment like a racket, boxing gloves and so on. If you would like to run, then good running shoes is the most important but walking just requires a pair of comfortable shoes and sometimes a rain coat.

You need a realistic plan in order to succeed

Make a specific plan with measurable goals. Think carefully and make the plan realistic or you might not succeed. To start exercising 5 days a week when you have never done any before is not a realistic plan. The goals could be increasing week by week or by month but still, you need to start slowly.

In the next post on the sport menu I will write about how to keep up the good spirit in exercising.

In the meantime remember this:

“Willpower is like a muscle. The more you train it. The stronger it gets.”

Skriv et svar

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