After 6 amazing years in Italy the time has come for a goodbye Italy and hallo Denmark. Within 2 weeks a new chapter in my book of life will begin…

Right now my mind feels like a roller coaster and while I’m smiling and happy I’m also crying… at the same time. I feel grateful for what I have experienced in the past 6 years and for all the amazing people I have met during my stay in Italy. I am happy and delighted to seeing my friends and family soon back in Denmark, but at the same time I feel sadness and my heart is aching that I’m leaving and can’t take this beautiful country, all the lovely people I have met and the easy life with me back to Denmark.

I know that my heart will be divided in two for the rest of my life. I will have to deal with it and accept it but hopefully il will also make me stronger and even more outspoken facing life in Denmark.

So dear readers of this blog:

Thank you for following me. Thank you for all your comments. And thank you for believing in me and my writing skills. Without you… no blog.

Charlotte Viby



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