After 6 amazing years in Italy the time has come for a goodbye Italy and hallo Denmark. Within 2 weeks a new chapter in my book of life will begin… Right now my mind feels like a roller coaster and while I’m smiling and happy I’m also crying… at the same time. I feel grateful […]

Happy New Year

Godt nytår! Buon anno! Happy New Year! Hvis man beder de italienske kvinder om nytårsaften at tage deres tøj af, så vil man opdage den italienske nytårstradition! En klassisk italienske tradition som går mange år tilbage, og som der hersker en del forskellige meninger om, hvor præcis stammer fra. Smid tøjet kvinder Men tilbage til de […]

Merry Christmas…

A little Christmas game. Are you ready !? How many “appleskives” (look at the picture) did I made last week !? Æbleskiver also called “appleskives” are traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive shape of a sphere. The name literally means apple slices in Danish, although apples are not usually an ingredient in pressent-day versions. Somewhat similar […]

Crazy danish mum…

Recently my son has started athletics and he is very happy about it… especially when the coach ask them to run the 400 meters track as fast as they can. He just loves it AND he is a pretty good runner too. One day I was there with all the others mums standing looking at the children, when the children started to run on the […]

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